Valsir RAINPLUS® exclusive to Total Eden is a syphonic rainwater drainage system that has been designed to guarantee maximum drainage performance with the lowest levels of water accumulation on the roof. Valsir technology fully meets the increasing levels of rainfall and guarantees the drainage of medium to large size buildings in total safety.


  • Economical: When compared to conventional systems Rainplus requires a fewer number of roof outlets and a substantial reduction in pipe diameters, number of fittings and the number of downpipes. This results in savings from 20% to 30% across the entire system
  • Space Saving: The roof outlets are connected to single horizontal collector pipes that are fitted without fall and the downpipes are positioned anywhere along the building perimeter thus avoiding interference.
  • High Performance: When in operation drainage pipes flow at 100% full over the entire system, draining velocity is therefore greater resulting in the self cleansing action of the pipework.
  • Time & Labour Savings: Construction programmes are accelerated due to reduced installation times and less in ground work due to the reduced number of buried pipes.
  • Increased design flexibility: Complete control over downpipe location and absence of buried pipes gives increased design flexibility of the siphonic system.


Ideal for buildings with large roof areas requiring cost effective drainage.