Storm Water Systems:

Total Eden provides a total solution to your stormwater piping system requirements.

PVC solvent weld stormwater pipe & fittings are available in sizes from 90mm – 375mm

Large diameter rubber ring joint stormwater piping is available with a twin walled, corrugated polypropylene pipe for non-pressure applications with a smooth bore for optimum hydraulic performance. The corrugated outside wall provides a high stiffness to weight ratio. Size range includes 150mm up to 900mm.

Total Eden also supplies the light and economical Butthead solvent weld PVC stormwater fittings in sizes from 150mm – 300mm. Other piping systems provided by Total Eden for the stormwater drainage market are Class 400 unslotted & Class 1000 slotted drainage coils in various sizes and coil lengths.

PVC subsoil slotted 6mtr. pipe lengths in sizes up to 300mm. Total Eden also provides a total customised slotting service for specific flow rate requirements for most piping categories.

Solvents and Cements:

Total Eden supplies an extensive range of DIRECT solvent cements and priming fluids. These are essential for use when performing solvent weld joints on PVC non pressure and pressure joints.

Large Bore PVC fittings require our specific range of Large Bore cements & primers.

Important points to consider when using solvent weld cements and primers: The solvent cement and priming fluid used should be produced in accordance with AS/NZS 3879:1995 solvent cements and priming fluids for use with unplasticized UPVC pipes and fittings

Solvent Cement jointing should only be carried out by appropriately qualified persons.

Products include spa hose solvent cement, solvent cements available in sizes from 250ml up 4ltr., Type N Blue and Clear solvent cement for non – pressure applications, Type P Green and Clear solvent cement for pressure applications & Direct Brand – large bore solvent cements and primers.

PVC Pipe and Fittings

Total Eden provides a total PVC pressure pipe & fitting range to suit all applications from domestic suitability to Industrial high flow pump installations.

What ever your requirements relating to PVC pressure pipe & fittings may be Total Eden can provide a product package and service to suit your needs. Total Eden supply PVC S1 solvent weld joint pressure pipe & fittings from 15mm to 375mm.

PVC S1 rubber ring joint pipes are available from 100mm to 375mm with PN ratings of 6, 9,12.

Benefits include ease of handling & installation, excellent material strength, corrosion resistance and high strength to weight ratio. Rubber ring PVC pressure pipe for ease of installation and smooth bore for high flow characteristics.

DWV Pipe and Fittings

Total Eden offer an extensive range of DWV (Drainage Waste Vent) sewer pipes and fittings, in both rubber ring joint (RRJ) and solvent weld joint (SWJ) for non-pressure sewerage applications, ranging in diameters from 40mm up to 375mm.

A complete range of RRJ / SWJ fittings, glues, primers & accessories are available including:

Junctions, bends / manhole drop bends, reducers / level invert taper, access couplings, plain couplings, slip couplings, repair couplings, manhole fittings, maintenance shafts, slip couplings, repair couplings and push on caps and threaded access caps.

Piping comes in 6m and 3m length options, is lightweight, easy to handle and assemble and suitable for above ground or below-ground installations.