PVC Pipe and Fittings

At Total Eden our sales team can assist with all your enquiries relating to sales orders or product recommendation and knowledge and stock an extensive range of pits and all pipe fittings

Total Eden has Australian wide distribution capabilities for any site location and all order requirements.

Total Eden stocks a wide range of accessories including adhesives & ropes, stormwater pipe & fittings, communication pipe & fittings, pits & Lids, electrical conduit & fittings, DWV pipe & fittings, Telstra pipe & fittings, pressure pipe & fittings & HDPE bore pipe.

Conduits and Draincoils

PVC is clearly the material of choice for electrical conduits, both for above and below ground cables.

Total Eden supplies PVC conduits which are used by Australia’s growing telecommunications industry and also supplies a wide range of high density polyethylene (HDPE) conduits for sub-duct or direct burial applications.

Total Eden supplies a large range of fittings for the Civil industry including Bends – standard & long radius, bellmouths, couplings, adaptors,  custom products & consumables. Slotted corrugated draincoil – with or without sock. Austel conduit.

These conduits are used in buildings, either fully exposed, or encased in concrete floors. Electrical conduits also provides a means to enclose cables for freeway lighting, Industrial power supply and underground powers supplies to domestic housing estates.

Pits and Lids

Total Eden provide an extensive range of pits, grates, lids & accessories complimented by a highly level of technical service support and advice from our experienced sales team.

Products include  communication pits & lids, Telstra pits & lids, stormwater pits & lids, extensive range of pit covers & lids to suit, trade waste pits / tanks, surface drainage grating, trench grating,  gully grates, kerb & channel grates, pit extension risers.

Storm Pro

StormPRO is a twin walled corrugated polypropylene pipe & fittings system suitable for non pressure applications manufactured by Vinidex in accordance with AS/NZS 5065. It provides an environmentally sensitive cost effective piping system for drainage and sewerage applications from 150mm to 900mm.  Rated at SN8 it has a smooth bore, comes in 6 metre lengths and has a full range of couplings and fittings.

Solvents and Cements

Large Bore PVC fittings require our specific range of Large Bore cements & primers.

Important points to consider when using solvent weld cements and primers:

The solvent cement and priming fluid used should be produced in accordance with AS/NZS 3879:1995 solvent cements and priming fluids for use with unplasticized UPVC pipes and fittings

Solvent Cement jointing should only be carried out by appropriately qualified persons.

Products include spa hose solvent cement, solvent cements available in sizes from 250ml up 4ltr. Type N Blue and Clear solvent cement for non – pressure applications, Type P Green and Clear solvent cement for pressure applications & Direct Brand – large bore solvent cements and primers.