Total Eden is the exclusive Australian Distributor for Valsir HDPE drainage system high density polyethylene waste pipe and fittings for Butt or electrofusion welding.

Valsir HDPE is available in a range of sizes from 50mm to 315mm diameter and suitable for both electrofusion and butt welding. Total Eden stocks a comprehensive range of pipe and fittings to cover most applications.

Valsir HDPE has Watermark Lic No. W262 under spec. 005:2001 sanitary plumbing pipes and fittings.


  • Valsir HDPE pipe and fittings will handle hot water up to 95ºC as well as a wide range of chemicals at varying temperatures and is suitable for PH values from 0 to 14
  • HDPE will not corrode eliminating maintenance costs during the lifetime of the building
  • Valsir HDPE offers flexibility to the design engineer and contractor with buildings where there are residential and commercial tenancies and is suitable for below ground applications.
  • All Valsir HDPE pipes are annealed to ensure stability in product dimensions over time.
  • Valsir HDPE pipes and fittings are environmentally friendly making them suitable for Green Star projects.