Total Eden supplies an extensive range of DIRECT solvent cements and priming fluids. These are essential for use when performing solvent weld joints on PVC non pressure and pressure joints. Large Bore PVC fittings require our specific range of Large Bore cements & primers.

Our products include spa hose solvent cement with solvent cements available in sizes from 250ml up 4ltr. Type N Blue and Clear solvent cement for non – pressure applications, Type P Green and Clear solvent cement for pressure applications & Direct Brand – large bore solvent cements and primers.

Important points to consider when using solvent weld cements and primers: The solvent cement and priming fluid used should be produced in accordance with AS/NZS 3879:1995 solvent cements and priming fluids for use with unplasticized UPVC pipes and fittings.

All Total Eden solvents and cements are designed for use in the pool and spa industry.