Total Eden provides a total PVC pressure pipe & fitting range to suit all applications from domestic suitability to Industrial high flow pump installations.

What ever your requirements relating to PVC pressure pipe & fittings may be Total Eden can provide a product package and service to suit your needs. Total Eden supply PVC S1 solvent weld joint pressure pipe & fittings from 15mm to 375mm.

PVC S1 rubber ring joint pipes are available from 100mm to 375mm with PN ratings of 6,9, 12.

Pool & Spa manufacturers and installers appreciate ease of handling & installation, excellent material strength, corrosion resistance, high strength to weight ratio,   high flow characteristics, smooth bore and rubber ring PVC pressure pipe for ease of installation.

Total Eden’s cost effective and economic range of BUTTHEAD pressure fittings are quickly establishing an excellent reputation in the Pool & Spa manufacturing industry.

Furthermore, Total Eden also supplies a large range of Iplex and Vinidex PVC fittings; Refrigeration Pipe in 4metre lengths of 15mm, 20mm, & 25mm. (Bundles of 20) and PVC S 1 Solvent Weld Joint (SWJ) pressure pipe & fittings from15mm to 375mm in diameter in 6 metre lengths. PVC Rubber Ring Joint (RRJ) pipes are available from 50mm to 375mm with PN ratings of 6,9,12. Available in a wide range of PN ratings PVC pressure SWJ pipes are lightweight with excellent hydraulic flow.