Home irrigation starts from considering the source of water supply, from fresh mains water, tank water, treated tank water or recycled grey water. If you wish to use rain water harvesting for indoors (toilet flushing or general washing, not drinking water) via your roof catchment area into a tank then filtering and disinfectant will be required.

Your planned home irrigation system may extend from a pipe straight from your washing machine and/or shower into a grey water recycling device to water a small area, or a much larger tank and pump system for broader areas.

Total Eden provides a range of quality irrigation supplies, from tanks to pumps or full system installations. Make your home more water efficient by choosing Total Eden for all your irrigation system needs.


Total Eden can design a home irrigation system for the smallest suburban property to large rural properties involving acreage, stock watering, and crop watering.  All water irrigation tanks and pumps enable an environmentally conscious use of available water, saving you money, and can be custom designed for each property.

Increase the value of functionality of your home or property by installing a state-of-the-art irrigation system from Total Eden, and notice the difference it makes to your household.


Home irrigation systems can be installed on new or existing properties, and can be updated if water demands alter. Your water saving begins immediately once your pump or filter system is installed, leading to reduced costs on your outgoing water bills.