Greywater harvesting is the collection, storage and distribution of wastewater generated from the laundry, kitchen and bathroom onto adjacent gardens and lawns. By installing a greywater harvesting system and reducing your dependence on mains water, you save yourself money, assist the environment and lessen the implications of water restrictions on your garden.

Total Eden has been providing greywater harvesting solutions for over 10 years and has the skill to design a system which best suits your circumstances and which meets all Government and Council guidelines.

Our Products:

Grey Water:

Grey water is the wastewater from bathroom showers/baths, wash basins and laundries. Australian guidelines for recycling exist and grey water systems need approval.  Total Eden staff can advise you of these for any project in any location and our range includes transfer tanks for stormwater recycling, Lilac Grey water distribution tubes, tank level indicators, waste water diverter valves all with a focus on conserving our water supplies.

Grey Water irrigation reduces demands on mains water or potable water saving money and provides irrigation water during periods of water restrictions. It is ideal for sub surface irrigation where there is no surface run off and it eliminates wind drift, run off, misting, evaporation and staining.