Centrifugal Pumps use impellers to increase the pressure and move fluid. Total Eden stock a wide variety of centrifugal pumps from all the major suppliers and can advise on specifying the correct pump to deliver the required output. Pumps can be electric driven or driven by petrol or diesel engines. Centrifugal pumps can be multi staged and have more than one impeller which has the advantage of being able to deliver a higher head pressure and greater discharge rates to suit a wide range of requirements.


Submersible pumps offer advanced water supply solutions for irrigation and industrial applications as well as for residential, municipal purposes.  They are designed for bore hole situations and are manufactured from corrosion and abrasion resistant materials for long life. Submersible pumps provide access to water from bores and spearpoints where surface water is non existent. Submersible bore pumps come in 4”, 6”, or 8” borehole diameters and are designed to handle low yielding or sandy well conditions and are easy starting automatically adjusting to the prevailing bore conditions.

Ideal for rural domestic water supply, turf watering, irrigation, stock Watering and De-watering

In addition to our extensive product range, Total Eden offer comprehensive services across the full project life-cycle including consulting, design, implementation, ongoing maintenance and support services. More details can be found on our more complete solution links below.

Engine Drive:

Total Eden stocks a full range of engine drive fire fighting pumps including hose kits, nozzles and camlock fittings. Engine Drive pumps are used where electric power is not available.  The pump is connected to an engine that runs on a 2 stroke, diesel or unleaded fuel motor. These pumps are self priming which means that they will suck water through the inlet automatically once started. To see more information see here.


Pool Pumps are designed to shift large volumes of clean water quickly. Pool pumps come with a standard filter basket and can pass small soft solids thereby being captured in the pool filtering system.  There are options for chlorinated water or salt water pools.  Total Eden stock several varieties of pool pumps including Davey, Onga, and others.

Pool pumps are designed for quiet operation so they can run at night when power costs are reduced, are normally stainless steel to resist chlorine corrosion, designed for low maintenance and long life and are economical to operate.  Pool pumps have design features which aid in priming and coping with air in the system and some have a switch off feature when insufficient water is passing through the pump.

Pool & Spa pumps are designed for swimming pools & spas, for general water transfer, ponds, aquaculture, solar heating, and circulating water. To see more click here.


Jet Pumps use suction to lift water.  They are commonly used to extract water from wells and bores but also for raising water to fill tanks, dams and other applications. Jet pumps have applications in bore and spear wells, raising water from river creeks, underground tanks, general water transfer, fire fighting and irrigation.

Grey Water:

Grey water can be used for keeping your lawns lush and green over the summer months as well as reducing your dependency on mains water. Stainless steel, multipurpose, submersible grey water pumps are designed for fixed installation or portable use these pumps can be used in agriculture, horticulture and industry.

Grey water pumps feature a semi vortex centrifugal design which enables these pumps to handle soft solids, are less susceptible to blockages ideal for sump emptying and water transfer and for pumping light slurries and factory waste.

Grey water pumps are designed for sullage, general water transfer and dewatering. They are also ideal for pumping water from shallow wells and drainage of flooded cellars.