Total Eden are the experts managing water around the home. Weather it be irrigation, water harvesting, pumping, water filtration, fire protection or pool and spa care, we can help with you next DIY water management project.

We have products that can support your needs in Rain Water Tanks, Sprinklers and Sprays, Drip Irrigation, Domestic Pool and Spa Care Products, Pumps, Drinking Water Filtration, Irrigation Fittings, Synthetic Grass, Automatic Controllers, Tap Timers, Fire Fighting Equipment, Retractable Hose Reels and Standard Garden Hoses, Float Valves, Camlocks, Risers, Garden Fittings, Valve Boxes, Pressure Regulators, Solenoid Valves, Garden Tools, Rain Sensors, Soil Moisture Sensors, Rural Poly Fittings, Ponds and Water Features.

Total Eden specialises in:

Part of any well designed sustainable garden should be an efficient irrigation system, so whether it’s a lifestyle garden or a vegetable patch, Total Eden is the best place for advice, supply and service. Correctly designed and installed watering systems are fundamental to ensuring that your lawn and valuable plants, trees and shrubs continue to thrive even in the toughest environment. Our trained irrigation designers can put together a system which best suits your circumstances and budget – from the smallest suburban garden to a large rural block – we do it all.

We stock all the leading brands of sprinklers, pumps and monitoring equipment and specialise in the use of advanced computer based water management systems that assist you in maximising the efficiency and effectiveness of your system.

  • Grey Water Harvesting

Are you using mains water in your garden?  Are you looking at recycling rainwater or grey water? If so our expert staff can help you design your system and supply you with the right tools and products to get the job done right!

Grey water harvesting is the collection, storage and distribution of waste water generated from the laundry, kitchen and bathroom onto your gardens and lawns. By installing a grey water harvesting system and reducing your dependence on mains water, you are helping the environment, reducing the implications of water restrictions on your garden and saving money on your water bills. We have been providing grey water harvesting solutions for over 10 years and has the skill to design a system which best suits your needs and that meets all Government and Council guidelines.

  • Groundwater Harvesting

Groundwater plays a critical role as a source of water in Australia, providing more than 20% of the water used each year. With Australia’s surface water resources continuing to be stretched, our reliance on groundwater is set to become even more important. Agriculture and industry remains the largest consumer of groundwater, although considerable volumes are extracted for urban users each year. Bores and spear-points are two mechanisms used for extracting groundwater. Bores are used to pump from deeper aquifers generally >20m in depth and spear-points are used to extract from shallow water tables around 5-10m deep.

Total Eden specialises in the design and installation of both bore and spear-point systems, using professional data supplied by relevant State authorities to determine which system is most suited to your specific circumstances. We can undertake all facets of the job, including drilling and casing components, as well as the installation of pumping and associated fittings.

No job is too small, or too big for our skilled and experienced staff, and we also have the capacity to install systems Australia wide.

  • Pumping and Filtration

Pumping and filtration is an important component of irrigation around the home and garden. Choosing the correct unit for your irrigation system is essential. Not only does it enable the efficient and effective application of water, but over time it will save you time, and most importantly money. We have a proven record for providing pumping and filtration solutions for the home and garden. We design, supply and install systems covering all applications, including home pressure systems, groundwater extraction, swimming pools and garden irrigation.

We carry all leading brands of pumps including Davey, Grundfos, Onga, Mono, Lowara and our very own brand, Rain Master.

  • Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting involves collecting and storing rainwater from the roof and using it around the home and garden as you would with mains water. By reducing your dependence on mains water you are helping the environment and lessening the implications of future water restrictions on your home and garden as well as saving yourself money on water bills. The most effective way for you to harvest rainwater is to install a rainwater tank which is set up in conjunction with your guttering and downpipes. We are the experts when it comes to designing a system that best suits your needs. We supply all major brands of metal, plastic and underground water tanks, we also have all associated products that easily connect your system to the toilet, laundry, pool, garden or any other suitable application.

  • System Auditing

Is your irrigation system wasting precious water, energy or labour resources?

If you’re unsure if your system is running efficiently then you should have one of our certified irrigation auditors test and report on the effectiveness of your system. Through our detailed reporting system we can recommend and implement changes to make sure that you maximise the benefits of your system investment; and that your gardens are being maintained as effectively as possible.

Total Eden are the experts when it comes to designing irrigation systems large and small. Whether it’s for your household garden, local school, vineyard or dairy farm, we use a collaborative approach to ensure our customers get a system that suits their needs and their budget.

  • Fire Protection

Are you fire ready?

For those living in bush fire prone areas you need to make sure you have a fire plan. You also need to know what to do if you are on holidays in a bushfire region, because we know too well the devastating effects fire can have on families, communities, property and the environment. At Total Eden we take fire protection seriously, we have a range of products that can help reduce the risk of grass and bush fires. We stock quality pumps, water tanks, fire hose reels, sprinklers and fire retardant products.