Residential Fire Protection:

The installation of a reliable fire sprinkler system is one of the most effective ways in which to protect families and workers against fire in residential and commercial buildings.

Total Eden can assist residential and commercial owners looking to install a fire sprinkler system, supplying BlazeMaster® pipe and fittings to the market. BlazeMaster® products are made from a specialty thermoplastic which is lightweight and easy to install, overcoming many restrictions imposed by alternative material such as metal products. Importantly, BlazeMaster® products are approved by Standards Australia for light hazard applications.

Lightweight and easy to use, BlazeMaster cPVC pipe and fittings overcome many restrictions imposed on installers of metal pipe and fittings.

Without the need for threading machines or oxyacetylene welders, installers can now adapt to the problems inherent in retrofits by utilising BlazeMaster cPVC with its cold weld jointing system. Approved by Australian Standards Residential Systems to AS2118.5, Domestic Systems to AS 2118.4 and Light Hazard Systems to AS 2118.1 and the mechanical, service and related storage areas of these occupancies that are defined as Ordinary Hazard 1.

  • Easily fabricated on site enabling the contractor to get on site quicker
  • Small investment in specialty tools
  • Superior flow characteristics for better hydraulic design compared to metal systems – Hazen Williams factor of 150
  • Low flame and smoke characteristics
  • Eliminates scaling and corrosion problems, no issues with blockage of sprinklers
  • Minimal maintenance costs over the lifetime of the building
  • Corrosion free in salt air environments
  • Light weight enabling easy installation and handling on site
  • UL/LPC fire tested and listed