Total Eden has a fantastic and exclusive range of under sink water purifying systems. These remove impurities from your tap water so you always get great tasting water. Undersink Water Filters are designed to hook up to pipes under your sink. They are low maintenance and require only little more time to install compared to counter top water filters. Total Eden’s “Under Sink” purifying system leaves your bench top free of clutter. This proven system has a two-step process. The first removes sediments like dirt, algae, rust, mud, slime, fibres and suspended contaminants. The second removes unwanted chemicals such as chlorine. They provide reliable fresh drinking water free from chemicals and other possible pipeline impurities. They are inexpensive to purchase and install and last for years; all that is required for ongoing maintenance is changing filters. Great for household or lunchroom water fountains or wherever clean drinking water is needed.


Wholehouse filtration is installed where the main cold water supply enters your home.  This form of filtration is the best choice for removing rust, sediment, using string or pleated filters and chlorine taste using carbon filters. Every tap or outlet will only receive clean filtered water that protects your in-house plumbing system from impurities contained in mains water. Particularly useful where there is high chemical content in the water supply and adds another layer of protection when using tank water or rainwater harvesting. For sensitive households you can apply complete protection to the water supply.

Reverse Osmosis:

Our ‘top of the range’ water purifier is our “Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier” giving you ultra-pure water direct from your normal tap. The system includes a 4 stage reverse osmosis filtration system incorporating a 3 micron pre-filtration stage, the very best purification membrane, the latest technology 1 micron activated carbon block system and a waste control to carry away the contaminants. The reverse osmosis water filter is the top of the range water filter for domestic water filtration. For use where the highest quality water filtration is required for domestic or commercial applications.


Refrigerator and Ice maker filtration is installed on ¼”copper or plastic water or ice maker lines within the refrigerator. This provides the best option for clear ice and drinking water from refrigerator dispensers. Clear, chemical and impurity free water for all purposes including mixed drinks. It allows confidence that when your family goes to the refrigerator they will be using the best iced water and ice for their consumption. For cooled water and ice makers providing reliable chemical free water and ice cheaply without having to resort to commercial plastic bottled products.

Counter Top:

The best choice for clearer and cleaner water in the bathroom, kitchen or shower is our Tap mounted, or counter mounted cleaners.  Counter top filtration is relatively inexpensive and is ideal for filtering mains water or tank water for domestic consumption. All domestic situations whether connected to metropolitan mains water, tank water or rural municipal water supplies.