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Clean Water for Queensland Town
Water Filtration

Water Filtration

Since the merger of Total Eden with Ruralco the Water Services business had been itching to stretch its legs further afield of WA and demonstrate the capability of Total Eden to execute larger water and wastewater projects on the East Coast.

Total Eden were successful in their bid for the design and construction of a new water potable (drinking) water treatment plant within the confines of an existing and operational brownfields site for a Shire council in central Queensland.  The main objective of the new plant was to take raw water from the Dawson River, treat the water through a process that includes:

Water extraction, storage, flocculation, clarification, ultrafiltration, dosing and disinfection and finally the supple of potable water to the town – Phew!

This tender was won against all the existing players in this field. The contract which is currently moving towards completion includes the full civil, mechanical and electrical disciplines.

The end result is potable water for the town’s drinking and irrigation supply that is compliant with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG).  Through a successfully managed install, Total Eden has been able to produce two (2) compliant water sampling results which were taken in early April.