Groundwater plays a critical role as a source of water in Australia, providing more than 20% of the water used each year. With country’s surface water resources continuing to be stretched, Australia’s reliance on groundwater is set to become even more important. Agriculture and industry remains the largest consumer of groundwater, although considerable volumes are extracted for urban users each year.

Bores and spear-points are two mechanisms used for extracting groundwater, with the former used to pump from deeper aquifers (>20 metres depth) and the latter used to pump from shallow watertables (5-10 metres depth).

Total Eden specialises in the design and installation of both bore and spear-point systems, using professional data supplied by relevant state authorities to determine which system is most applicable to your specific circumstances. We can undertake all facets of the job, including all drilling and casing components, as well as the installation of pumping and associated fittings.

No job is too small, or too big for our skilled and experienced staff, and we have the capacity to install systems Australia wide.