Water treatment is defined by processes used to make water more acceptable for a desired end use. Over the past 2 decades Total Eden has  been heavily involved with government organisations and leading civil works contractors providing water transmission products and solutions across Australia.

We have a strong commitment to working in partnership with you to provide piping systems for water treatment plants, subdivisions, road & rail projects, communications projects, and marina & foreshore developments.

Water Treatments

Whether it’s supplying industrial strength schedule 80 pipe & fittings or large bore pipe, we have the skills and expertise to design, supply and implement a variety of complex water treatment and civil works projects.

Our experience includes supplying and/or managing large government and private developments including water transfer and water treatment plants for potable and grey water, treatment plants for separating solids from waste, and water transfer networks for large scale irrigation projects. Our experience includes working with the WA Water Corporation and the Northern Victoria Irrigation Renewal Project (NVIRP).


Land developers can feel confident in and comfortable with our trusted, professionals and expert staff. We have significant experience supplying underground piping highways for residential, commercial and industrial subdivisions.

We have developed sound supplier relationships so we can facilitate the supply of sewer pipe & fittings, water mains products, stormwater pipe & fittings and electrical & communications conduit.

Road and Rail

Total Eden is often chosen to supply road and rail developments because of our ability to supply a wide range of products, thus minimising or eliminating the need for multiple vendors for the supply of piping systems and accessories associated civil developments. We are also selected as a supplier of choice because we are always striving for better ways to do business with our customers. We take a personal approach to understanding individual customer needs and are committed to helping create a sustainable future of our community.

The Water Treatment and Civil Construction side of Total Eden includes: