Total Edens Pump arm can meet all your needs covered.

Pressure Pumps:

Pressure pumps deliver water flow and pressure through long runs of piping or to elevated places such as multi story buildings requiring greater pressure levels than flat sites or compact plumbing. Choosing the correct system depends on the volume of water required and how much pressure is needed.

Total Eden can deliver solutions using a range of pressure pumps & pressure controlling devices to suite your requirements. Pumps must adapt to changing pressures, deliver controlled water flows and monitor the pump operation to maximize efficiency. Controllers detect pressure loss and automatically start the pump.In industrial and commercial situations, multiple boosting pumps can be teamed for redundancy and/or power to ensure reliability and tap pressure to multi-story buildings.

Pressure pumps can be auto controlled to only operate as required and manifolded so that extra stages or pressure boost can be applied. Their reliable and rugged construction makes them ideal for outback use.

Pump Stations:

Total Eden has wide ranging experience in designing and installing pump stations from small domestic installations through to horizontal and vertical multistage stainless steel pump systems. Our pump stations are geared for high performance and long operating life cycles. Our pump stations are suitable for turf, golf, landscape, agriculture farming, commercial high pressure washing and water treatment applications.

Pump stations can be as small as a single pump for a small wash-down area on a farm through to a combined filtration and pumping system designed for controlling an entire municipal’s water supply. Pump Stations can also be designed for recirculating water in air conditioning systems and commercial pools. Water quality testing is built in and dirt, air and other particles can be removed to improve efficiency.

We stock brands such as Grundfos, and Davey offering a broad range to suit all applications such as sump pumps, pool pumps, circulator and effluent pumps, packaged pump sets as well as the capacity to manifold multiple pumps to boost performance.

Solar Pumps:

Solar pumps are designed to pump water from boreholes, wells, lakes and rivers where electric or diesel power is unavailable. They can be automated to switch on and off by float switches, pressure kits or built-in electronic pressure controls with float valves. All systems are supplied complete with pre-wired solar modules, array frames, pump elements, submersible motors and solar motor controller. They are easily assembled and do not require specialist electrical expertise.

Solar powered systems are particularly beneficial in remote locations. They can operate continuously or intermittently as each scenario requires. Solar Pumps are suitable for surface water pumping, floating pump installations, irrigation of crops and stock watering water extraction from boreholes and remote location water supplies for agricultural, livestock and domestic purposes. The solar panels incorporate bypass diodes that minimize power loss in case panels are in shadow. Wiring of GF solar panels is easily done and the panels are mounted without any use of special tools. 

Submersible Pumps:

Submersible pumps offer advanced water supply solutions for residential, municipal, irrigation and industrial applications. Total Eden has designed numerous submersible pumping systems using the best name brand pumps for reliable use.   Submersible bore pumps come in 4”, 6”, or 8” borehole diameters and are manufactured from materials resistant to corrosion and abrasion. Designs for submersible pumps focus on standard speed operation for long life, handling of low yielding or sandy well conditions, are easy starting and automatically adjust to the prevailing bore conditions. Submersible pumps can handle volumes from 25 litres per minute up to 300 litres per min depending on the bore capacity.

Submersible pumps are built using tested and reliable technology for harsh Australian conditions. They are specifically built to access water from bores and spearpoints where surface water is non-existent.Submersible pumps come in varying sizes to suite different volume requirements. These range from 4” submersibles to 6” and 8” pumps capable of delivering 6 cubic metres per hour to 410 cubic metres per hour. Submersible pumps can be used in a variety of applications including but not limited to domestic water supply, turf watering, irrigation, stock watering.

Transfer Pumps:

Total Eden are distributors for a wide range of top brand pumps and pumping sets to facilitate water transfer for domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural purposes. These include aquaculture, water circulation, hydroponic systems, dairy cooling towers, sea water pumping, desalinated water pumping, spearpoints, and general water transfer. Certain ranges of pumps are designed for brackish or sea water and have high grade stainless steel casings and hard wearing seals. Transfer pumps are moving large volumes of water versus pressure boosting applications.

Total Eden stock Davey, Grundfos, Lowara and other brands which are designed for water transfer. Transfer pumps have the features of medium flow, efficiency of operation, usually with an open impeller giving it the ability to handle soft solids to 10mm and self prime to 7metres. Some models are specifically designed for sump emptying, septic effluent disposal and water supply from sprearpoints.