Total Eden is a leading provider of drainage and water transfer products, gas piping systems as well as fire protection systems for the domestic, commercial and industrial building sectors.

With a nationwide service network and personnel who readily understand the specific needs of the market, Total Eden is the smart choice for your plumbing needs.

On top of a standard range of pipe and fittings, we are also the exclusive distributor of the following piping systems:

  • Valsir HDPE: High density polyethylene waste pipe and fittings for sanitary and trade waste applications
  • Valsir Rainplus: Syphonic drainage system
  • Valsir Triplus: Acoustic drainage systems
  • BlazeMaster: cPVC: Fire sprinkler pipe & fittings for residential & light hazard applications

Total Eden specialises in the following:

Drainage, Waste and Water Transfer
Dust Suppression
Fire Protection
Syphonic Roof Drainage

Drainage, Waste and Water Transfer:

With so many plumbing products on the market, the ability to choose an appropriate system that suits your exact requirements and budget is important.

Total Eden is a leading provider of drainage and water transfer products for the domestic, commercial and industrial building markets, with a skilled and experienced workforce that is able to advise and supply on a wide range of plumbing applications including all basic PVC and Polyethylene piping and fittings, valve products, conduit piping, filtration systems and pumps and accessories.

Total Eden also supplies a range of specialised pipe and fitting systems including Valsir Triplus Acoustic Drainage, Valsir HDPE Drainage System for sanitary and trade waste applications and Valsir Rainplus Syphonic Roof Drainage Systems.

With over 20 years industry experience, and a national network that enables us to supply and install systems Australia wide, Total Eden is the first choice for all plumbing needs.

Dust Suppression:

Total Eden can advise on appropriate solutions for dust suppression including piping & sprinklers systems or using Nelson dust suppression systems. Our solutions deliver on:

  • Spraying to lay down coal dust from mining operations or coal loading
  • Spraying equestrian paddocks to enable better visibility for onlookers or
  • Spraying “en tout cas” tennis courts
  • Fulfilling OHS requirements

For domestic situations broad scale sprinklers or rotors may be suitable and Total Eden can install watering dust suppression systems utilising filters, pumps, piping and spraying devices to suit. For large scale industrial applications, we utilise agricultural sprinklers and water guns for dust suppression which helps to save water, save energy, and do a more efficient job. Our relationships and expertise with vendors such as Nelson enable us to deliver effective dust suppression solutions

Large spraying capacity in dust suppression can assist in overhead cooling, nurseries, greenhouses, turf and landscape requirements and in fending off frosts. Total Eden will engage on all levels of your solution including planning, design, installation and maintenance. We understand and utilise technologies such as adjustable gun trajectories, nozzle valves, quick coupling valves, special coatings, add-on kits of secondary nozzles, wedges and counter balances. We can build solutions to deliver high water volume in a short time and are rugged for durability in dirty and corrosive conditions.

Fire Protection:

The installation of a reliable fire sprinkler system is one of the most effective ways in which to protect families and workers against fire in residential and commercial buildings.

Total Eden can assist residential and commercial owners looking to install a fire sprinkler system, supplying BlazeMaster® pipe and fittings to the market. BlazeMaster® products are made from a specialty thermoplastic which is lightweight and easy to install, overcoming many restrictions imposed by alternative material such as metal products. Importantly, BlazeMaster® products are approved by Standards Australia for Residential, Domestic and Light Hazard systems.

For further information on the advantages of BlazeMaster® products, please refer to our product listing below or alternatively contact one of our specialists today on 1300 65 40 40. We would be happy to assist you.

Syphonic Roof Drainage:

Total Eden is the exclusive distributor for the Valsir RainPlus siphonic large scale roofing rainwater drainage system.  The system uses the building height as the driving force to generate high speed flow rates thus maximizing drainage efficiency. RainPlus allows the entire flow to be directed to any part of the building thus enabling the most modern rainwater harvesting systems to be installed.

The Rainplus syphonic system is made up of special roof outlets designed to be connected via Valsir HDPE pipes & fittings which are sized to work under negative pressures at high flow rates.  This is possible due to the configuration of the outlets which prevent air from entering the pipes when the design rainfall intensity is reached.

Valsir technology fully meets the increasing levels of rainfall and ensures total drainage safety for medium to large size buildings.  It allows maximum water drainage performance with the lowest levels of water accumulation on the roof. The system incorporates an anti vortex plate which prevents air entering the pipes allowing vastly increased flows 10 times faster compared to conventional systems. Allows for a wide range of drainage flows  and low noise levels.