Dust caused by blasting, handling, processing or transporting soil and rock is an inevitable problem for all forms of mining. Not only is dust one of the most visible, invasive and potentially irritating impacts of mining operations, it has the potential to severely affect flora and fauna near the mine site and impact the health of mine workers and the community. As a result, dust control measures are fundamental to any mining operation.

The most effective and common method of dust suppression and dust control is through the application of water using either fixed or mobile sprinklers systems.

Total Eden has been servicing the mining industry for over 20 years and has the skill and experience to design, supply and install a dust control system which best suits your specific requirements. Our relationships with key suppliers enable us to provide the most advanced dust suppression technology, which effectively and efficiently deals with dust, whilst at the same time, optimising water and energy usage.

We can supply dust suppression/ dust control products that are reliable and have long wear life including:
  • Nelson Big Gun Sprinklers – Large Volume Sprinklers
  • Pivot Sprinklers
  • Spinners & Sprays
  • Control Valves
  • Feed Tube Assemblies
  • Pressure Regulators
  • Impact Sprinklers
  • Piping Systems for Water Supply

Our Products

System Design Services:

Dust can be a major problem in mining, open cut coal mines, at ship loading facilities which can be managed by large scale sprinkling.  Total Eden offers a complete system design that includes piping and normal large scale sprinklers or by using big gun type water sprayer which is suitable for spraying over coal mounds or covering huge areas.

Total Eden can also design and install large capacity spraying facilities for fending off frosts, design and install overhead cooling for nurseries, greenhouses, turf and landscape.

Total Eden has many years of experience in designing these systems and can specify the right system to deal with your problem situation. Total Eden designs encompass water pressure pumps , booster pumps, piping to bring the water to location and also offer rotators, feed tube assemblies, pivot sprinklers, spinners and sprayers, control valves, pressure regulators, and impact sprinklers.


Dust suppression systems need to be monitored and controlled across many conditions. Valves linked to controllers allow 24/7 management of all dust suppression activities.

Total Eden offer flanged cast iron control valves for pressure control that come in either electric or hydraulic on/off control as well as for opening and closing speed control. These valves are available in a variety of voltages in either AC or DC.

Nelson Big Gun Supplies:

Nelson Irrigation is a specialist in agricultural sprinklers and water guns for large scale watering and for dust suppression in applications. Specialist sprinklers systems like Nelson are engineered and precision manufactured for efficiency, heavy duty reliability and long life –  By using Nelson products you can save water, energy and time.

We offer a full range of models with flow rates of 30-120 GPM (6.8-275 cubic metres/hour). Options include adjustable trajectory, 800 series valve/big gun combination, nozzle valve, quick coupling valve, special coatings, add on kits of secondary nozzle, wedge and counter balance. They have large nozzles less likely to plug, filtration requirements are minimal, all ball bearings are sealed and are able to be mounted on high towers in to maximize throw over tall piles.

Trajectories can be fixed or adjustable (fixed 43º, adjustable 15º – 45º). We can also provide assistance in selecting trajectory, connection type & size, as well as optional features including anodized or powder coatings.