We are a supplier of tools and drilling equipment for exploration, water-well, geotechnical and environmental drilling industries in Australia. We provide quality products from leading suppliers such as Baroid, Bournedrill, Ridgid, CME, Enviroequip and Johnson Screens.

We have the capacity to supply a complete range of products including drag and roller bits, drilling fluids, rod wipers, button grinding equipment, break-out tools, water swivels and PVC casing and screens.

Our Products:

Grinding Equipment:

Total Eden stock a wide variety of grinding equipment suitable for most drilling and mining applications. The range includes CME grinding machines that can can be hand held or used with robot arms.

We also stock accessories including grinding pins and hex drives used for sharpening tungsten carbide buttons on hammer drills. Total Eden has experience in specifying grinding equipment for all industrial applications and can source product on specification.

Baroid Muds and Cements:

Total Eden supply a wide range of specialised drilling muds and chemicals. We supply Baroid products as well as other chemicals and accessory equipment needed for on site operations:

  • Bentonite Products for a comprehensive range of drilling, plugging, abandonment and well rehabilitataion products including Quik Gel, Aqua Gel and Benseal
  • Bentonite Pellets come from high yeiding sodium bentonite. When properly placed and allowed to hydrate, a semi solid but flexible seal is formed which is chemically stable in water, brines, and waters containing hydrocarbons
  • Pel Plug 30 minute has the advantage of a 30 min delay so that pellets can be used to seal off holes at a greater depth
  • EZ Mud Gold is a beaded polymer clay and shale stabilization  when using water based drilling fluids.
  • Dinumol is an aqueous bore stabilizing and lubricating fluid promoting bore stability and preventing against stuck pipe
  • Penetrol – a water miscable drilling fluid additive designed for use as a rate of penetration enhancer while drilling through problem formations.


Gravels & Cements:

Gravel Packs and Sands are available in plastic bags for easy handling in all weather conditions.  Gravel is packed in 25kg bags and can be purchased individually or in pallets of 40 bags.

Total Eden supply gravels and cements for all packing and filling situations in the drilling industry.

  • Gravel Packs  of 25 kg is available in the following grades
  • 0.8 – 1.6mm
  • 1.6- 3.2mm most common
  • 3.2- 6.4mm
  • Washed Sand  8/16    25kg


Casings & Screens:

Total Eden supplies plain and slotted PVC casing and screens. Sized from 50mm to 200mm we supply M & F threaded casing PN12 and PN18 slotted and threaded PVC pipe with a range of slot sizes from 0.4mm to 1.2mm in 6metre lengths.

We also supply PN18 Butthead brand Environmental Monitoring PVC Well Pipe & Casings and Screens which are manufactured to Aust/NZ Standard AS/NZ 1477. Total Eden are distributors for Johnson Steel Screens that can be designed and manufactured to specification. In addition we supply screw-on bore caps and well covers in various sizes.

Total Eden stock a wide range of PVC casing and screen in a range of classes. PVC screens are available with slots of 0.4mm and 1.2mm with special configurations available on request.  All Butthead casings and screens come individually plastic wrapped. 50mm Enviro Pipe Casing and Screen1.5metre in length 50mm Enviro Pipe Casing and Screen 3.0 metre in length.

Total Eden supply a large range of casings and screens for the mining and drilling industries. We can be your one stop shop for all your drilling and mining product needs.

Drill Bits And Stubs:

Total Eden can assist with a wide range of drill bits and stubs.  We also carry Chevron bits in standard blade or stepped style 3 and 4 bladed bits in a variety of sizes suitable for soft to medium rock formations.  For hard formations we supply a variety of hammer drills and bits.  We supply all sizes of diamond coring equipment including core catchers, core barrels, front and back end reamers and other associated equipment.

Our range also covers rock roller bits for hard, medium and soft rock formations as well as mill tooth bits and hard formation bits with tungsten teeth.


Along with tools and accessories Total Eden supply a wide range of consumables used in bore hole drilling or mining. These include drilling muds and bentonite in granule, liquid or powder forms.  We carry many types of cement and concrete and a selection of grades of gravel & sand in 25kg bags.  Also stocked are hammer oils, drilling lubricants and environmental oils, core trays and core loss material, bore casing in all sizes and classes.

In addition Total Eden can supply a wide range of PVC piping ( casing ) and screens from 50mm to 300mm.   We also supply stainless steel screens from 80mm to 350mm with any slot size designed to your specification.

Mud Pumps and Water Pumps:

Total Eden supply the best brands of mud pumps including Gardner Denver and FMC mud pumps and parts.   These pumps are used to move drilling fluids from mud mixing tanks through to the drill head and down the drill hole to clean out cuttings and line the hole with mud to prevent collapse.

We also supply Grundfos, Davey and Franklin submersible, multistage centrifugal and horizontal centrifugal pumps for borehole and general water pumping duties plus providing pressure for circulators for gland sealing on large industrial pumps.


Total Eden carries a wide range of tools and equipment for the drilling and mining industry.  We stock a complete range of Ridgid wrenches and parts. Wrenches are sized from 18” to 60”. Our complete parts range includes hook jaws, heel jaws & pins, coil and flat springs. We supply a variety of accessories including:

  • Petol and Ridgid chain tongs
  • Mud balances
  • Pressure gauges
  • King swivels
  • Mini de-sanders
  • Kwik zip centralisers
  • Fishing tools
  • Water level meters
  • Corelifters
  • Valve accessories