A well designed water garden can provide the ideal flow of indoors to outdoors.  From stylish to modern, a water garden can really complete your home and provide a good investment in your property.  From the tranquil sounds of water to a spectacular light feature in your garden, Total Eden can provide you with a range of options to create a water feature to suit you.  Total Eden can supply all products to create the ideal outdoor water feature.   We supply ponds pump, filters, liners, water blades, pond lights and chemicals to help you maintain your pond all year round.

A water feature will really bring your garden to life.  Water gardens can create a soothing relaxing atmosphere or where required a cascading waterfall to block out undesirable noise.

Water features can be installed in small courtyards, large backyards or even on a balcony.  They are ideal for homes, apartments or business premises.  Whether you are looking at enhancing an existing garden or creating your garden from scratch, speak to Total Eden on how to go about creating a water garden suitable for your requirements.