Shrubblers are like min sprayers but can be adjusted to different plant sizes and changing water needs as the plants grow.  Shrubblers can be shut off individually if required.   Total Eden can advise on the correct shrubbler for any situation and they form an important part of any home irrigation system. Shrubblers are more adaptable than either drippers or sprayers.  They feature finger tip flow control with shut off option, can be either 180 deg or 360 deg adjustable flow and come with a spike to anchor the shrubbler to base of the plant. Shrubblers can incorporate a pressure compensating feature which maintains throw over a wide range of inlet pressures and are colour capped and UV stabilised for long life. They are ideal for pots, tubs, landscaped gardens and nurseries, hanging baskets, and come in line spike models for planter boxes.

Sprinklers and Sprayheads:

Total Eden supplies an extensive range of spinklers, sprayheads and single piece jets to cover your every need in garden watering. We stock only the most reputable brands and we can design and install a watering system for most garden situations. They range from mists, sprinklers, pop ups, impact sprinklers to large gun sprayers and most involve risers or stakes to support the spray heads and a filtration system is recommended to be installed before the spray heads.

Total Eden sprayers and sprinklers come threaded for installation on risers, with fixed spray radius which allows for targeted watering and with nozzles which can direct spray in quarter, half or full circle patterns.  They require lower water pressures to operate compared to rotors and for high traffic areas pop ups sit flush to the ground until water comes on then retracts when finished.  Ideal for small lawns and oddly shaped garden beds sprayers and sprinklers come with colour coded bases for flow identification.

Suitable for where small throw applications are required as opposed to individual plant watering offered by shrubblers and drip systems. Ideal for Pots, Tubs, ground cover, landscaped gardens. They can water up to large gardens, for horticultural applications, nurseries and some vineyard, orchards and other crops.

Gear Drives and Rotary Nozzles:

Total Eden supplies and installs a wide range of gear drive sprinklers and rotary nozzles to enable you to keep your lawns in top condition.  They designed for broad scale watering of lawns to wide ranging foliage rotary nozzles. There are spinner sprinklers for use above and below foliage with varying trajectory options, distribution patterns and water volume outputs.

Spinner Sprinkler heads benefits include dual outlets for added volume output, varying trajectories of sprays which can be operated hung from above or below on risers and are suitable for recycled water applications.  They are easily dismantled for cleaning, parts are generally available and equipment is UV stabilised for longer life.

Gear Drive Sprinkler benefits include full or part circle adjustable sprays, spray radius adjustable from 7.5m to 11m, have built in filter protecting working parts. Gear drives are quiet operation, have snap on connections and are bar coded and colour code for output identification.

Suitable for greenhouses, vegetable row crops, and under tree watering.  Overhead watering is suitable for top watering in glasshouses, nurseries, and shade house applications. Spray volumes can be adjusted from fine mists to high volume water applications. Gear drive sprinklers are suitable for homes with landscaping, and medium to large lawn areas.