Total Eden covers all your fire security product needs; these include:

Fire Pump Systems and Solutions:

Fire Pump Systems are engine drive pumps where electric power may not be available. The pump is connected to an engine that runs on 2 stroke, diesel or unleaded fuel motors. These pumps are self priming meaning they suck water through the inlet automatically once started. Total Eden offer fire pump systems with single or twin impeller pumps and with engine capacities up to 13 hp.Total Eden stocks a full range of fire fighting equipment including hose kits, nozzles and camlock fittings.

Engine driven pumps are also ideal for water transfer, pumping water for stock watering, portable spray units, irrigation and boom spraying.

Rural Fire Protection:

A fire protection strategy involving pumps, tanks and sprinklers is crucial to protecting your family and property during the Australian summer in rural and urban fringe areas. Firefighting equipment come in all shapes and sizes and choosing a system which suits your specific requirements is difficult.

Total Eden supplies a wide range of firefighting equipment including pumps, water tanks, hose kits, nozzles and sprinkler systems. We stock all leading brands and our skilled and experienced staff can advise of the best fire protection systems for your house and property.

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