Australia’s pasture, broad-acre cropping and vegetable based industries are the largest consumers of irrigation water, with over 80% of water used in agriculture dedicated to irrigating these crops. Unfortunately, irrigation water used in these industries in Australia is generally not applied as efficiently as it could be, with over-watering and losses caused by seepage and evaporation resulting in unnecessary water usage, decreased production, increased input costs and ultimately reduced farmer profits.

There are several irrigation systems for farmers to consider when looking to improve the water efficiency and profitability, these include:

Centre Pivots or Lateral Moves

Centre pivots and lateral move systems are one of the most effective ways in which farmers can increase their pasture and crop production whilst using less water. According to the Victorian DPI, the introduction of centre pivot or lateral move irrigation systems can provide water savings of up to 2 mega-litres per hectare per year with an increased pasture productivity of up to 30% when compared to flood irrigation.
Improved agronomic conditions, reduced deep drainage, and lower labour requirements are some additional benefits of installing a centre pivot or lateral move irrigation system.
Total Eden has been a leading supplier and installer of pivot and lateral move systems for over two decades.  The advantages of using Total Eden is that we employ certified irrigation designers with the skills and experience to design you a system which best suits your soil characteristics, land size, shape and topography as well as your budget.  Our expertise ensures that you get to maximise the benefits of investing in a centre pivot or lateral move irrigation system.

Pipe & Riser Systems

This underground piping network releases water to the top of the irrigation bay via a riser system.
Pipe & riser irrigation systems have revolutionised the irrigation industry in Victoria over the past 10 years as they can effectively replace on-farm open channels and bay outlets and provide farmer’s significant water savings due to reduction in evaporation and seepage.
Other advantages include:

  • Increased pasture and crop production
  • Reduced labour cost associated with watering
  • Increased grazing and cropping area

Total Eden has the ability to design and install manual, semi-automated or fully automatic systems to suit the individual needs and budgets of our customers.

Poly-reel Irrigators

Poly reel and travelling irrigation systems are the irrigation system of choice for many Australian farmers. Poly reel irrigators main advantages are its flexibility and portability; they are best suit undulating or un-lasered property because they provide considerable water efficiency and productivity gains as well as improved agronomic conditions and reduced potential of deep drainage.

Because of their relatively high pressure and labour requirements, poly reel and travelling irrigators are best suited to annual crops including pastures with lower water requirements. We stock leading brand poly reel irrigators and provide after sales service so you can be sure that your system operates at its maximum capacity.

Sub-surface Drip Systems

Sub-surface drip irrigation is an irrigation method which delivers water directly to the base of the plant. Drip tape is usually placed at a depth between 20 and 40cm below the soil surface, emitters placed evenly along the drip tape release water at a specific and even flow-rate per hour. Sub-surface drip irrigation saves water and fertilizer because it drips directly onto the root zone, eliminating evaporation when compared to sprinkler or flood irrigation methods.
Other benefits of sub-surface drip irrigation are that it provides considerable improvement in productivity and water efficiency. The DPI has indicated that improvements in around 20-30% are achievable. Sub-surface drip systems best suit medium soil country which is dedicated to fodder cropping (i.e. lucerne) or vegetable production.  A well maintained drip system requires much less labour to operate than alternative systems and allows for fertigation, providing more effective use of nutrients with less risk of leaching.
Considering the large capital costs of installing systems of this type, it’s important that your system is designed and installed to operate efficiently and effectively. Our certified irrigation designers can tailor a system that suits the topography of you land, its proposed use, your water supply and your budget. With our vast range of experience and 40+ stores nationwide you can understand why Total Eden is the smart choice when it comes to designing and installation your new irrigation system

Fixed Sprinklers

Fixed sprinkler systems are primarily used for irrigating turf and vegetable crops, as well as frost protection and crop cooling in orchards and vineyards.
In terms of irrigation, fixed sprinkler systems are assembled so that the water supply pipelines are established below the soil, with sprinkler nozzles elevated above the surface.  The size and trajectory of emitters will vary according to the crop type and pumping system in place.  If designed properly, fixed sprinklers provide first-rate water efficiency and application uniformity, other advantages include minimal labour requirement and low operating costs.
Total Eden boast expert irrigation designers that have considerable experience designing and installing fixed sprinkler systems for turf and vegetable growers, meaning we will maximise the benefits of your investment. So whatever your irrigation needs, we’ve got it covered.

Choosing the most appropriate irrigation system for your property is not easy but that’s where Total Eden can help. We specialise in all irrigation systems for pasture, cropping and vegetable based operations and can assist in deciding which system best suits your specific requirements.

We design, supply and install  anywhere in Australia and no irrigation project is too difficult for us to complete.

Given the Federal and State Governments continue to distribute funding to pasture, cropping and vegetable based irrigators across Australia, there has never been a better time to contact Total Eden to discuss the options available.

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