The vast majority of Australia’s specialized orchard and vineyard operators rely on irrigation to assist with plant growth and fruit production. Because of drought and subsequent low water allocations in many of Australia’s important growing regions over the past decade, orchardists and viticulturists have generally been required to adopt more efficient irrigation methods to remain viable.

To become more water efficient, Australia’s orchardists and viticulturists are moving away from the traditional methods of flood, furrow and boom-spray irrigation systems to the more sophisticated micro-irrigation systems of drip and spray. These systems allow the required volume of water to be applied directly to the root zone thus minimising water run-off and wastage and optimising growth and production. Other benefits of micro-irrigation include reduced labour costs whilst maximising fertigation techniques – fertilisers can be added to ensure optimal nutrient levels.

We strongly recommend that farmers looking to establish a new orchard or vineyard, or looking to upgrade their current irrigation system, strongly consider investing in micro-drip or micro-spray irrigation systems. Total Eden can advise what system best suits your needs taking into account soil & crop type, planting density, water quality and budget.

Also worth considering is installing a fixed sprinkler system when investing in orchard and vineyard irrigation infrastructure as it will give you protection against frost and extreme temperatures.

Weather it’s a 1 hectare orchard or 5,000 hectare potato farm our 20+ years of experience enables us to design, supply and install in any location and at any time.

Micro Irrigation – Drips and Sprays

Micro-irrigation refers to low-pressure irrigation systems that sprays, mists, sprinkles or drips water to the root zone of plants, through a network of valves, pipes, tubing, and emitters.  These systems are extremely sophisticated and are most commonly used in open fields or hothouses for vine, orchard or intensive vegetable industries including Orchards, Vines, Vegetables, Tea, Peanuts, Corn, Cotton, Coffee & Pepper.

There are many advantages of using drip and micro-spray irrigation systems in the horticultural industries including:

  • Water savings of 30-50% – when compared to traditional flood or sprinkler irrigation
  • The amount of water applied can be closely managed to match the crop requirements – resulting in increased production
  • Reduced labour time & operating costs
  • Increase flexibility of watering
  • Reduced foliage disease and weed growth

Total Eden has the ability to carry out all components of the project, including system design, supply and installation of pumps, filters, mainlines and emitters. We employ expert irrigation designers who take the time to consider your needs. No project is too big or too small and we install anywhere in Australia.

Fixed Sprinkler Systems (see Crop Irrigation Page)2