Irrigation has played a pivotal role in Australia’s agricultural sector for over a century contributes significantly to Australia’s national agricultural output. Although less than 1% of Australia’s agricultural land is dedicated to irrigation, approximately $9 billion, or 25% of Australia’s gross value of agricultural production is attributed to irrigation annually.

Australia’s heavy reliance on irrigation has been evident over the past decade, with drought and resulting low water allocations severely impacting national agricultural production and income.  In response to continuing poor conditions in Australia’s major irrigation districts, an increasing emphasis has been placed upon farmers to increase their water use efficiency through investment in irrigation infrastructure, and by doing so, ensuring the long term sustainability of their businesses.

Total Eden can assist irrigators looking to invest in their future – we have been providing complete irrigation solutions across Australia’s for over two decades and have an enviable reputation within the agricultural industry.  Whether you’re a dairy farmer located in Victoria, a cotton grower in the Darling Downs or grape grower in the Hunter Valley, Total Eden can provide long term sustainable solutions to meet your irrigation needs.

Total Eden has 5 unique focuses for working within the farming and agriculture industry.

These include:

  • Horticulture and Viticulture
  • Pasture and Broadacre Cropping and Vegetable Irrigation
  • Polyethylene Piping and Fabrication
  • Pumping and Filtration
  • Stock Watering and Solar Technology